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Anastasia Kopittseva

Publish date: 4 December, 2018



APOLOGIA misleading

Painting, installation. sculpture, photography, 11.12.2018-13.01.2019

The exhibition is held in MMOMA at 25 Petrovka

   In April 2019 marks 27 years of the Gallery "Fine Art". A lot or a little - a quarter of a century? We can not see the time, but we can feel it in the emotional-sensual sphere, the life of the art for years, centuries, eras, in the form of buildings. cities in the collections of museums in the direction of the gallery. Time pervades art and is through it.

   Gallery "Fine Art" was established in 1992. It was a special time. It's only been 5 years since the moment when the "so it became possible to all!". Life boiled stocks performances, manifestos, the exhibition presents the installation, the first video, photography, objects. Picture, round sculpture was anathematized together with quality, by which somehow knew only a craft, have become the main context and new technologies. All were young, cheerful, enthusiastic burning building and the overthrow of that time looked like bondage.

   Future gallery owners also were keen on a rapid process of contemporary art. However, in determining the concept of Gallery, it was decided not to break with the traditional visualization and do not change "plastic values" and that art should not be dependent on social and political issues. We therefore differed sharply while other galleries and have often been criticized for the presentation of "manual arts" - painting, drawing. But if you look at the composition of the participants have the very first exhibitions, as it is known on the one hand nonconformists, for example - I.Vuloh, S.Shablavin V. Koleichuk, L.Kropevnitsky, and on the other - the young radical authors - G.Litichevsky , A.Nasonov, I.Kitup, V. and N.Cherkashiny, it is clear from the outset "Fine Art" was engaged in projects in the context of contemporary art. Subsequent exhibitions of artists such as E.Gorohovsky A. Grositsky, I.Shelkovsky, A.Vinogradovi & V.Dubosarsky, K.Zvezdochetov, A.Filippov, A.Bartenev, D.Shorin, and later - A. Kuznetsov -Ruf, I.Korshunov, T.Smirnov et al. indicate the stability of the Gallery and the constancy of the chosen path. We create more style in modern art. Our projects from the first days of great interest on the part of the critics and the press, heated discussions.   

   Over the years, the Gallery worked together more than 100 artists. With sadness we remember the deceased, at the same time, we are already working with young authors - peer Gallery. "Fine Art" participated in the formation of a number of major collections, such as I.Markina - Museum A RT 4. RU , the Cultural Foundation "Ekaterina" A.Chehoeva - "New Museum", Bondarenko, M.Tsareva, O.Zalomova , D.Ryabova, I. Tyryshkina. Gallery has held more than 250 exhibitions, including MMOMA (2009, 2011), the State Russian Museum (2004, 2011) and others.  

   In the exhibition "Apology errors" reflects the 27 years of the Gallery "Fine Art" in contemporary art. Gallery did not stop work for one day. At the same time we have always been independent in artistic policy, the choice of artists. This exhibition - how to report Galleries quarter of a century, it involved a significant part of the artists who worked with us. In compressed form the audience will see the path traversed by us, as well as some plans for the future. Of course, for such a long period we were errors, but their apology for the story itself is both Gallery and what we confidently entered a new 25th anniversary, and we continue to work actively on the art scene of contemporary art.         Irina Filatova.


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